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Module 1: Poetry Break 2

The Text of a Picture Book with Poem Line Breaks

Curtis, Jamie Lee. 1998. Today I Feel Silly and Other Moods That Make My Day.      Illustrated by: Laura Cornell. USA: Joanna Cotler Books. ISBN: 0060245603. 


Introduction: Angry, delighted, confused, or silly!  How you feel today depends upon your mood.  Did you go to school happy or wake up on the wrong side of the bed?  We often experience mood swings throughout the day.  In this book we will explore and understand why we sometimes feel the way we do. 


Today I feel silly.

Mom says it’s the heat.

I put rouge on the cat

and gloves on my feet.


I ate noodles for breakfast

and pancakes at night.

I dressed like a star

and was quite a sight.


Today my mood’s bad.

I feel grumpy and mean.

I picked up my room.

It still isn’t clean.


I forgot to feed Franny

and water the fern.

And the cocoa I’m making

is starting to burn.


Today I am angry.

You’d better stay clear.

My face is all pinched

and red ear to ear.


My friends had a play date

They left me out.

My feelings are hurt.

I want to shout!


Today I am joyful.

My mood is first-rate.

My friend’s sleeping over

she said she can’t wait.


My freckles are popping,

the sun is so bright.

I ran in the relay

with all of my might.


Today I’m confused,

my life’s getting hairy.

Sam says he’s my boyfriend

but he also likes Mary.


My mom told my father

he might be a dad.

I might get a brother.

I’m not sure I’m glad.


Today I am quiet,

my mom understands.

She gave me two ice creams

and then we held hands.


We went to the movies

and then had a bite.

I cried just a little

and then felt all right.


Today I’m excited

there’s so much to do.

I’m going to sell cookies

and lemonade too.


I’m starting a club

to go clean up the park.

And I’ve got a big crush

on my teacher named Mark.


Today I am cranky

so nothing seems right.

I have diarrhea

and broke my new kite.


Mom dyed her hair orange.

My dad shaved his beard.

My tooth came in crooked.

This family is weird.


Today I am lonely. 

I feel so small.

My Auntie’s away.

I wish that she’d call.


My mom’s working late

and my dad has the flu.

And although I’ve got stuff

I’ve got nothing to do.


Today I am happy.

I’m walking on air.

I learned to knit

and to French-braid my hair.



I did my first solo

in hip-hop and jazz.

This day’s been so great,

I am full of pizzazz.


Today I’m discouraged

and frustrated – see?

I tried Rollerblading

and fell on my knee.


I really want straight hair,

but mine’s curly-q.

Should I cut it or grow it,

oh what should I do?


Today I am sad,

my mood’s heavy and gray.

There’s a frown on my face

and it’s been there all day.


My best friend and I

had a really big fight.

She said that I tattled

and I know that she’s right.


Today my mood’s great,

it’s the absolute best.

I rode a two-wheeler

and passed my math test.


I played soccer at recess

and we won the game.

I sang in the show

and my parents both came.


I’d rather feel silly,

excited or glad,

than cranky or grumpy,

discouraged or sad.


But moods are just something

that happen each day.

Whatever I’m feeling

inside is okay!


How do you feel today?


Extension:  A great extension activity to do with this book is to play charades.  The teacher or librarian should prepare a box with pictures or words of various moods for students to draw from.  The children will perform the chosen mood while the other students try to guess which mood they have drawn.


Module 1: Poetry Break 3



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