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Paula's Poetry Page

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Module 3: Poetry Break 13

A Poem That Lends Itself To Performance By Two Groups
(Groups are indicated by color)


Introduction: "I Like" is the perfect introduction to a lesson on friendship, differences, and tolerance.  It is an excellent way to explore students' personal likes and dislikes.  Before reading the poem, take a mini class survey of favorite foods, music, seasons, etc. Record the results on the board for students to observe the various differences within the classroom.  Discuss how we are all very different and unique, but how we all have some things in common that allow us to accept each other and be friends.
"I Like" by Mary Ann Hoberman 
I like soda.
                              I like milk.
I like satin.
                              I like silk.
I like puppies.
                              I like kittens.
I like gloves.
                              I like mittens.
I like apples.
                              I like pears.
I like tigers.
                              I like bears.
I like to slide.
                              I like to swing.
               We don't agree
                On anything!
I like butter.
                              I like jam.
I like turkey.            
                              I like ham.
I like rivers.
                              I like lakes.
I like cookies.
                              I like cakes.
I like yellow.
                              I like blue.
I like pizza.
                              I like stew.
I like summer.
                              I like spring.
               We don't agree
                On anything!
There's something else
I like a lot.
But if I like it,
You will not.
                             There's something else
                             That I like, too.
                             But you won't like it
                             If I do.
Tell me yours
And I'll tell mine.
                             I like reading.
                             Reading's fine!
You like reading?
                             Yes, I do.
Why, reading was
What I picked, too!
               Well, then, at last
               We both agree!
                I'll read to you!
                You'll read to me!
Taken from:
Hoberman, Mary Ann. 2001. You Read to Me, I'll Read to You:
     Very Short Stories to Read Together. Illustrated by: Michael
     Emberley. Boston: Little, Brown and Company. ISBN:
Extension: After reading this poem, the students could join with one of their classmates to write their own version of "I Like," and illustrate it.  After each pair of students has completed their version of "I Like," you could publish them in a class book for all of the students to read and share together.

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