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Paula's Poetry Page

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Module 3: Poetry Break 14

A Poem Ideal For Linearound or Solo Reading (Indicate Parts)


Introduction: We've all had a bad day at some point or another!  Ask students if they have ever had one of those days where they just did not want to do anything!  They will all probably be able to relate.  Discuss their mood, how they were feeling that day, and perhaps why they think they were having such feelings.

I Don't Want To  by Jack Prelutsky

I don't want to play on the sidewalk.   (Line 1)
I don't want to sit on the stoop.   (Line 2)
I don't want to lick any ice cream.   (LIne 3)
I don't want to slurp any soup.   (Line 4)
I don't want to listen to music.   (Line 5)
I don't want to look at cartoons.   (Line 6)
I don't want to read any stories.   (Line 7)
I don't want to blow up balloons.   (Line 8)

I don't want to dig in the garden.   (Line 9)
I don't want to roll on the rug.   (Line 10)
I don't want to wrestle the puppy.   (Line 11)
I don't want to give you a hug.   (LIne 12)
I don't want to shoot any baskets.   (Line 13)
I don't want to bang on my drum.   (Line 14)
I don't want to line up my soldiers.   (Line 15)
I don't want to whistle or hum.   (Line 16)

I don't want to program my robot.   (Line 17)
I don't want to strum my guitar.   (Line 18)
I don't want to use my computer.   (Line 19)
I don't want to wind up my car.   (Line 20)
I don't want to color with crayons.   (Line 21)
I don't want to model with clay.   (Line 22)
I don't want to stop my not wanting...   (Line 23)
I'm having that kind of day.  (Line 24) OR (This could be read as a class.)

Taken from:

Prelutsky, Jack. 2000. IT'S RAINING PIGS AND NOODLES. Illustrated by: James

     Stevenson. New York: Greenwillow Books. ISBN: 0-06-029195-8.

Extension: This poem lends itself beautifully to line-around reading as a class. Put the words to the poem on chart paper for the class to read.  Read the poem together several times. The poem has twenty-four lines.  Each line could be given to a student for the entire class to read in line-around format (make adjustments as needed for the size of your class.) For an extra kick at the end, assign the last line to all members of the class and everyone could  respond when it is time for the last line to be read.

So often, children just don't have anything to write about, and they need an idea. This poem could be used as a topic for their daily journal writing. They could write about one of those days they just did not want to do anything or a day they were just feeling lousy and blue! 


Module 13: Poetry Break 15

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