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Paula's Poetry Page

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Module 6: Poetry Break 30

An Original Poem You Have Written Yourself


Introduction:  Bring in a fishing pole as a hook to peak the curiosity of the students.  This poem would be a good introduction on honesty.
Fishing by Paula O'Neil

One bright day as I was fishing by a brook

A medium size catfish came to my hook.


It nibbled and nibbled and took away my bait

So then I had another long wait.


It nibbled and nibbled and it nibbled some more

It nibbled and nibbled ‘til half past four.


Now this fishing had become quite a bore

And the sun began to set on the little brook’s shore.


And as the sky grew dark, dark, dark

I heard the cry of a little lost lark.


And it was then that I knew

I wanted to go home and see you.



Extension:  The fishing pole actually has nothing to do with this poem at all except to grab the interest of the students.  I would use this poem as a lead in to and honesty and friendship.  Why?  Tell the students that this poem was written by a little girl in sixth grade.  She worked very hard on the poem and turned in to her teacher with pride.  The teacher had his favorite student organize the papers for him.  It just so happened that the girl organizing the papers did not have her poem.  She decided that she liked "Fishing" and copied it for her own and turned it in with her name on it.  The unfortunate part of this story is,  the teacher believed the girl organizing the papers was the author.  The actual author of the poem was very upset by the events that had unfolded and found her older sister.  The older sister went to the teacher to discuss the situation and was able to get to the truth.  In the end everything turned out OK, and the teacher apologized to the author of the poem, but it was not without causing a lasting impact on the her.


Discuss the importance of being honest.  Ask the students how they think the little girl that wrote the poem felt.   


Have the students think of an event in their lives that they feel is very important and write a poem about it.  Discuss the fact that this poem was written by a child, and children really can write poetry.  Have them experiment with various formats to find their preferred choice to use.


Module 6: Poetry Book Review

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