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Seeing the Blue Between

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Seeing the Blue Between: Advice and Inspiration for Young Poets

Janeczko, Paul. 2002. SEEING THE BLUE BETWEE: ADVICE AND ISPIRATION FOR YOUNG POETS. Massachusetts: Candlewick Press. ISBN: 0-7636-0881-5.



Seeing the Blue Between: Advice and Inspiration for Young Poets compiled by Paul B. Janeczko is a wonderful book designed to aid young adults in writing poetry.  It is a compilation of 32 renowned poets for young adults and children such as Kalli Dakos, Douglas Florian, Kristine O’Connell George, Lee Bennett Hopkins, Karla Kuskin, and many more that provide words of encouragement for young writers.  Each of the poets has written a personal letter of advice followed by poems of their own.  The letters share the poets’ experiences and challenges as writers and are designed to inspire young adults into writing their own poetry.  The letters are personal, friendly, and encouraging.  Michael Dugan tells the reader to “Love words/play with them…/Experiment,/invent words…/find your own voice/even if it takes hard work/and many hours./Traveling to a poem/is a journey to be enjoyed.  Karla Kuskin writes a poem within her letter to young poets about ideas and where they come from.  Where do you get the idea for a poem?/Does it shake you awake?/Do you dream it asleep?/Or into your tiny tin head does it creep/and pop from your head when you are not aware/or leap from your pocket/or fall from your hair/or is it just suddenly silently there?  She states that her guess is that our ideas are a combination of what is inside and outside of each of our heads.  With poems and letters the poets strive to provide readers with the ability to transform their thoughts and observations into poetry.  The poems in the book vary in style, mood, and subjects.  This book, as the title states, was very inspirational and enjoyable to read.  Young students will find it very encouraging for reading as well as writing.  School Library Journal states, “A valuable addition to public and school libraries, with the potential for much classroom and personal use.”


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